Who we are

With years of practical experience and a track record of delivery in Sales and Marketing. We have lived (and got the T shirt!) and successfully overcome the everyday challenges that all businesses face.

What we are not:

  • We are not consultants who just produce a report and leave you to get on with it.
  • We don’t expect others to do the work, we work in collaboration with you and your people to make sure that you get the most out of our support.


What we do

Our clients are both unique and diverse, ranging from one man bands to multi million pound companies and everyone in between. What makes us stand out from our peer’s is our ability to provide tailor-made support in areas of sales and marketing.  We also provide event management support should you need it.

From start-ups to re-vitalising your proposition to ensure you fulfil your business requirements The MAD Approach are the people to help you.

With experience in a varied range of industry issues and opportunities we can help you to identify and develop the most effective, realistic solutions. We will then work with you to deliver them efficiently so you start to see the benefits quickly:

How we do it

With ‘gaining your trust’ being our overarching principle.

We spend time within your business and listen to what you want, what challenges you face and where you want to be and by when.  We also engage with the people in your business and always working to your end goal, we ensure that everyone understands how you will get there and what their contribution is.

We form connections: connecting with the right people, connecting business functions, connecting ideas in new and innovative ways. All with the clear aim of helping you to make the MOST of your business potential.

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