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“When we contracted The Mad Approach to support our growth strategy, we knew their proud reputation for delivering to an agreed brief and they did not disappoint.

Thanks to Alan & Mel, Hope Capital now has a competitive advantage we did not have before they joined our team. Their emphasis on collaboration, communication and education is at the heart of The Mad Approach philosophy and it is now very much entrenched in the way Hope Capital’s proposition is promoted to its stakeholder partners.

They came to us for six months and stayed for 15, that says it all. They leave us with lots of ideas, a much more structured approach to our growth aspirations and a new MD in Gary Bailey, who will continue to take the company forward strategically.

Hope Capital and myself personally wishes The Mad Approach every success for the future”

Jonathan SealeyChief Executive Officer, Hope Capital

In 2012 my business was on the verge of going big. At that point we were lending funds on a short-term basis of around £25m per annum, but the opportunities to grow way beyond those levels were there and I intended to capitalise on them, but realised I needed help.

I was recommended by a valued industry contact to speak with Alan & Mel Dring of The MAD Approach as he felt that they would have the skill set and the contacts throughout the sector I needed to break into, to help me achieve our high ambitions.

Well what a find they turned out to be! I took a leap of faith and engaged Alan & Mel to work with us initially on a three-month contract. I very quickly recognised what they could do and tied them in on a rolling six-month contract, no-one else was going to poach them!……………. and five years later we continue to reap the benefits of their efforts.

They promised to roll their sleeves up and help us with whatever needed to be done to achieve the
success we wanted…… and that is exactly what they have done by:

  • Helping us to be clear about our strategy in the short and medium term
  • Setting up protocols within the business to ensure that everyone was clear about what we were trying to achieve.
  • Working with our growing number of staff as if they were part of each team
  • Introduced us to their known contacts who they knew would be a good fit with us and who could deliver to our ambitious targets and ensure we gained competitive advantage in what was becoming a swamped sector
  • Sought out new contacts who would again be a good fit with us
  • Represented the business……they were part of us, it was seamless
  • They even provided us with a ‘marketing function’ until we were ready to recruit an internal team to take over from their very impressive results…. And it is fair to say they continue to dip in and out with support when we are stretched
  • Establishing our stakeholder proposition that has strengthened our Partnership Model and is a long-term programme that is designed to ensure our panel valuers, solicitors, distribution partners, brokers and most importantly, our own staff, know what the others do, why they do it and how by working in a structured way we can all grow our own propositions for mutual benefit.
  • Alan has been invaluable to me, whilst it is my business and I would always make the final decision, I think it would be foolish not to use someone who has such a depth of knowledge and experience of the Financial Services sector, as a sounding board. Believe me you will always get an honest, thought through opinion from Alan!

All the above support from Alan & Mel Dring (aka The MAD Approach) has helped Amicus Property Finance to become an award-winning business on our competitors radar and achieving funding levels in excess of £50m per month.

Keith AldridgeManaging Director, Amicus Property Finance

I trust that you are still basking in the glow of a truly exceptional conference experience.

We’ve set the bar very high for our next one, no little thanks for which are due to you.

Thank you so much for everything – it’s been a pleasure to work with you.

Benson HerschChief Executive Officer, Association of Short-Term Lenders

“Our business was growing quickly but I had concerns about making sure that we had structures and practices in place to ensure that everyone in the business was capable of rising to the challenges and we would not be exposed in any way, particularly in the current economic climate.

Alan Dring at the MAD Approach, provided the solution, he has worked with us for the last 6 months and developed bespoke plans in collaboration with relevant people within the business that ensure that we are all working together to one common aim, that of increasing our turnover in a planned and structured way based on agreed actions not strategic rhetoric.

Whilst Alan’s hands on approach will diminish overtime as our internal staff become more experienced, under his relaxed mentoring approach, I do like the idea of retaining his services as an external perspective to ensure that we remain focussed on our ambitions”.

Peter DavenportChief Executive, Motiva Group

“Dustcheck Limited is an established company and although we have gone from strength to strength over the last few years, we understand that a company should never rest on its laurels and should always be looking for ways to improve. A good way of doing this is to bring in an external perspective, someone who can take a holistic view, gain an insight very quickly and hopefully provide ideas to allow a company to strengthen its proposition.

Dustcheck Limited were fortunate to engage the services of Alan Dring of The MAD Approach, who through experience and natural talent was able to connect at all levels within our company and within a short space of time was successful in helping us to develop a detailed sales and marketing action plan which we are confident will help us to achieve our objectives over the next few years.

I don’t see our relationship with The MAD Approach being a ‘one off’, we will definitely be looking to bring Alan back to ensure that we continue to deliver to our aspirations.”

Eddie SpiresJoint Managing Director, Dustcheck Limited

“To know Alan Dring is to open yourself up to a world of opportunity. One of the most popular, respected and well connected men in the FS industry for many years, he is now applying his talents across a wider range of sectors of UK industry.  Alan has a common sense approach to business that is sensible and straightforward. He relies simply on the people he works with being honest about their business challenges and proactive and determined about facing up to them. I’ve seen him apply this very effectively pre- and during the current recession.

I’ve worked with Alan on a number of occasions and sought his advice and input on many many more. He is without doubt one of life’s genuine good guys.”

Julian WellsDirector, Marketing Innovation Forum

“Having worked with a number of business consultant organisations, I can honestly say that Alan offers both added value and a unique personality to any sector. Highly capable, strategic in approach and extremely knowledgeable, he is a pleasure to work with and will bring exciting new perspectives to your company.”

Darren BeechDirector, New Build Solutions

“I have worked with Alan over the past three years, he is a true professional, applies a contemporary approach to sales and business development and has a real impact on business growth and profitability. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan.”

Colin BellDirector, Winning Moves

“Our existing business structure, whilst undoubtedly successful, required to align itself with the rapidly changing business environment we operate in. It became very apparent that whilst the existing people within the business were willing and able, they had never experienced such turbulent times as were currently being encountered.

Whilst I had no doubt in my abilities to manage the situation, my time was sparse and it was recommended by a business associate that I have a ‘coffee’ with Alan Dring of the MAD Approach , who would undoubtedly be able to give me some sound advice as to how to proceed.

It quickly became apparent that we both had similar views and I felt comfortable that both I and my staff would benefit from his support.

Alan has worked with us for a few months and got to know our business from top to bottom. Feedback from staff has been excellent, in that they are comfortable with him and understand that he is helping not only the business but them as individuals to be an integral part of the company’s goals.

I would highly recommend anyone seeking support to ensure that they succeed in difficult times to grab that coffee with Alan Dring. He is not your usual ‘consultant’ he is a character who gets to grips with your business easily, brings sound ideas and engages with staff in a way that everybody thrives……….and it makes my life so much easier!”

Theo KortlandManaging Director, GRS

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