Testimonials Archive

“Alan Dring, the much respected industry consultant, has been unveiled as the sales guru on the recently launched Marketing Innovation Forum. The site, which offers free marketing advice and support to intermediaries and providers, is manned by a number of gurus, who have been operating under aliases until now.

Dring has enjoyed a stellar career in the financial services industry, establishing himself as one of the leading lights in the intermediary market over the course of his career. He spent much of his career at Nationwide and Standard Life, and in recent years he has been the sales strategist behind Econveyancer and numerous consulting assignments. He is a well known industry commentator in the trade press.

Julian Wells, Director of Marketing Innovation Forum, says: “We are thrilled to have Alan as our sales guru. For many years he has been recognised as an authority in his field. He has a forward thinking and enthusiastic approach to life and likes nothing more than to throw himself into a debate – which makes him an ideal candidate to be one of our gurus. Alan is a great networker and the insights he gleans from his work around the industry have already been proving invaluable to our users.”

Julian WellsDirector, Marketing Innovation Forum, Leeds

“Having recruited many senior people over the years, this is the first time where every single candidate was a genuine contender for the role.

Whilst most recruitment agents claim to vet the CV’s first but really only keyword match, Alan had gained a genuine understanding of our needs and the upcoming process, had personally selected and approached each candidate and only put forward those who had demonstrably met the criteria for the role.

He coached each one before the telephone interview so that every call we made was beneficial and also offered coaching to the unsuccessful candidates to help them in the future. He helped us with the assessment centre too which was the best I’ve been involved in based on the calibre of the delegates.

Would we use him again in the future? I think we would be MAD not to.”

Grant StevensManaging Director, Leadbay Ltd.

“I wanted to undertake a review of my mortgage advisory business to ensure I was doing all I could to guarantee that I didn’t become a victim of a recession hit market. I knew Alan Dring as an industry guru with 37 years experience and invited him to take a look at what options I had for growth within the resource I had available.

I certainly got value for money, an indepth SWOT lead to a structured action plan that contained many innovative ideas based on a common sense approach to the market and most importantly my own strengths and weaknesses.

I am sure that this has been said before but small businesses faced with the same challenges would be mad not to give The MAD Approach a chance to turn their business around.”

Paul SpencerDirector, London Mortgage Centre Limited, Newport

“We were stuck in a rut. We knew we needed to plan properly for the future but the management team were always bogged down by the pressures of fee earning. Concerned about the impact of the recession we knew we had to do something different.

As a small but long established Practice we felt we needed assistance to determine what direction to take the business. The MAD Approach was able to determine the options we could pursue with the resource that we had and did it in a very professional way and very importantly to a small business, economically.

The work we did with Alan was really helpful in getting our support staff involved in planning for our future growth, it helped our management team address issues that were being overlooked, raised morale and motivated us to take the action we needed to take.
“ We got a return on our investment very quickly.”

Steve Battarbee — Partner, KBK Law, Merseyside

“We had exciting ambitious plans for the launch of the Nationwide Solicitors Alliance. The founders were experienced Legal Practitioners full of ideas, what we lack is the commercial acumen that we quickly realised would be required for our ambitions to be realised.

The MAD Approach brought a structure to our plans and helped to develop our proposition in a bespoke and very cost effective way.

I would recommend them to any new small venture that needs support to take their product to market in an ‘out of the box’ way.”

Tracy ThompsonDirector, Nationwide Solicitors Alliance, Merseyside

“Alan’s market knowledge is unsurpassed and he has worked seamlessly with our in house team giving his commercial and practical advice which has enabled us to drive our business forward in these challenging times.”

Joe Whelan — Chief Executive, Barnetts Solicitors, Southport

“I’ve worked with Alan Dring on many major national projects over the year and have always found his experience and insight extremely valuable. He certainly knows how to get things done and bring energy, enthusiasm and most of all results.”

John CookeManaging Director, Cinnamon Property Lawyers Limited, Gateshead

“Sometimes businesses do mad things. Despite a downturn in the market, they carry on doing what they have always done and then wonder why they’re struggling to make any headway. They resist change; wait to see what their competitors do and then simply copy them and cut costs in vital areas such as marketing, sales and training and then wonder why their business struggles.
The answer is for them to go mad – to the mad approach to be precise!

This consultancy offers a service that can help companies buck the trend, by developing strategies which are based on many years of experience and are known to work. I thoroughly recommend the mad
approach to you.”

Josh CooperDirector, Cooper Consultants Ltd, Warwickshire