Sales & Marketing

New start up business or existing business wanting to expand?


Whatever your current status, we work with the partners and staff of firms in both B2B and B2C sectors to help them achieve their business growth goals. Our clients are from a diverse range of industry which includes: Legal, Retail, Manufacturing, Media, Hospitality and Leisure, Construction, IT and Financial Services.

We work with you to improve marketing and sales capabilities which in turn will attract more clients and win more new business. Most firms are highly skilled at what they do but are not sure how to best market themselves and are usually uncomfortable in selling situations.

In collaboration with The MAD Approach, you and your team will define:

  • your current performance and aspirations
  • how important the acceptance of your business culture by all staff is to the growth of the business?
  •  your client base and how you manage them
  • how you are positioned in your market
  • the approach you use in marketing and business development,
  • what your competitors are doing
  • new business opportunities
  • and analyse the results you achieve

Once this has been achieved we will work with you to provide a list of improvement opportunities and a plan for implementing the improvements over the following months.  But remember, we don’t just advise, we roll our sleeves up and help you to do it too………..check out our testimonials if you need further assurance!