Bedouin Tent Wedding

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Client: Richard Mason & Jennifer Rose
Location: Wales

Brief 1

The Clients were busy professional people and although they wanted to get married as soon as possible they never got the time to actually sit down and plan the event.

They were quite clear about the style of event they wanted which was an informal affair with close family and friends. The ceremony itself was to be low key with a big party afterwards to celebrate their marriage. The party needed to consist of good quality beverages, excellent food as both Jen and Richard are real ‘foodies’ and entertainment that would guarantee a great party atmosphere.
They were keen to marry in West Wales, Jen’s home territory.

We set to work looking for a venue that could provide all elements of the couples brief. Following consideration of a few venues they settled on Ynyshir Hall, a beautiful country house hotel set in acres of countryside in West Wales, the hotel once owned by Queen Victoria could be booked on an exclusive basis and also boasted a Michelin star restaurant and a wine cellar second to none.

The MAD Approach team worked with Gianluca, the Deputy Manager at Ynyshir Hall and practically completed the preparations when the Clients called to advise that they had recently purchased a property in West Wales and had decided that they now wanted to hold the wedding celebrations in a marquee within the grounds of their new home.

Brief 2

Although they wanted a marquee, they didn’t want a “bog standard white plastic tent with formal seating and meal arrangements”.
The main issue was the timescale, we now had 6 weeks to find and book everything as the clients had booked their honeymoon and wanted the marriage to take place a few days before they went.

Following the clients brief, The MAD Approach came up with the idea of a Bedouin style tent with authentic Moroccan style themed interior, they worked with Charlie Carr from ‘Bedouin Tents’ who provided an incredible venue. The fabulous food, which was an informal ‘grazing menu’ served throughout the event and the beverages were provided by Simon Cromack and his well trained, friendly team at Eventuate Caterers.

Entertainment came in the form ‘Aubrey Parsons’ a consummate all round entertainer, who entertained guests at the church during the marriage ceremony, during the reception and late into the evening with his huge repertoire.

Although there were more than 7 different suppliers engaged for this event – (not the easiest of feat to get suppliers to the West coast of Wales), in addition to those listed above we also had to source: a florist, generators, external lighting, heating, toilets facilities and even a dance floor from a local supplier as cost would have been prohibitive for the ‘bedouin tent’ company to transport from their storage warehouse in Oxfordshire – the event was planned and executed meticulously and was an enormous success.


After getting engaged we were keen to get married sooner rather than later and often talked about the ‘event’. However, as ever with our hectic lifestyle, we never seemed to get around to making any firm arrangements – apart from booking the honeymoon!

With the honeymoon fast approaching and still no plans for the wedding itself we started to panic. That’s when we called in Alan and Mel Dring of The MAD Approach Limited. Although a timescale of 3 months sounded daunting they had the enthusiasm, experience and drive required to make all happen.

Initially, an intimate ceremony in a private house in mid Wales was planned; all the arrangements were made right down to the menu and wine selections for the celebrations…….. and then it all changed!

As well as preparing to get married, we were also in the process of purchasing a small holding on the West coast of Wales and decided it would be a great idea to hold the celebrations within the grounds of our new house. A complete re-write of the original brief was required, now we wanted a more traditional marriage ceremony followed by a big party in our new home.

Six weeks before the big day we gave Alan and Mel a somewhat sketchy brief with very little time to deliver. Moreover, they were tasked with arranging a new wedding in a rural part of Wales not easily accessible by the rest of the country. In spite of the issues, Mel and Alan rose to the challenge and the result was amazing!

The venue, an authentic Bedouin tent was breath-taking, we lost count of the ‘wows’ as guests entered for the first time. The entertainment was also outstanding and the food, a casual ‘grazing menu’ was of the highest quality, all resulting in the relaxed, unique party atmosphere we wanted to create.

The MAD Approach certainly lived up to their boast of delivering beyond our expectations in terms of exclusivity, quality and everlasting memories……. and all delivered within 6 weeks! Simply incredible……

Thank you both soooo much!

Richard & Jen MasonBoncath, West Wales