Peter Davenport - Chief Executive at Motiva Group

Motiva – Another Satisfied Client

I have long been of the opinion that the words of others about the way your businesses has supported their personal or business needs are the best way to promote your added value contribution to their GROWTH plans. So this is the first of several Blogs that put that theory into practice. Being honest about what your business needs to refocus and grow is vital if your objectives are to be achieved. This is what a recent client of the Mad Approach had to say about the challenges he faced.

Our business was growing quickly but I had concerns about making sure that we had structures and practices in place to ensure that everyone in the business was capable of rising to the challenges and we would not be exposed in any way, particularly in the current economic climate.

Alan Dring at the MAD Approach, provided the solution, he has worked with us for the last 6 months and developed bespoke plans in collaboration with relevant people within the business that ensure that we are all working together to one common aim, that of increasing our turnover in a planned and structured way based on agreed actions not strategic rhetoric.

Whilst Alan’s hands on approach will diminish overtime as our internal staff become more experienced, under his relaxed mentoring approach, I do like the idea of retaining his services as an external perspective to ensure that we remain focussed on our ambitions.

Peter DavenportChief executive, Motiva Group

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