How Common is Common Sense?

A criticism often levied at the directors of football clubs is that they leave the common sense aspects of their personal business success at the door of the stadium when it comes to managing the commercial needs of the club.

Some may say they are living their dream and their heads are in the clouds and as a result they do not function as they would if it was their company’s board room.

My criticism would be not against the club directors but against a majority of SME directors that leave their common sense at the breakfast table before leaving for work.

Over time my experience has directed me to discuss with companies 4 aspects of their approach to their business plans (for plans read ACTIONS) that have proven to be constructive and significant when it comes to GROWTH.

The first is ATTITUDE. Honesty is at the heart of this requirement and if the business really wants to succeed and gain competitive advantage the owners/directors need to have a very positive attitude to their support needs and to the potential lack of TALENT amongst their current resource.

COMMON  SENSE  should then kick in and  the business should  pose  those simple, but often ignored , questions…1) How good is our communication(internal & external)  2) How good do we know our competitors . Using the football analogy it is not rocket science that you have to know the opposition better than they know themselves and as a result you come out on top. 3) Are our staff capable of doing what their job description demands? Is our training robust enough? There are more questions that will be provoked by the answers to the posed.

With the analysis that follows the answers we then determine what KNOWLEDGE we need to have, how we determine how to get it and in what manner it is delivered. This area brings into focus the culture of the businesses and this in itself will be vital in establishing the foundations on which the businesses growth plans are built.

So if we have the right attitude, apply common sense, and acquire the knowledge we need, we can then tick off the 4th aspect, CONFIDENCE.

The successful football team thrives on confidence, industry is no different. Confidence has to manifest itself from tea person to MD and be so infectious that all new starters get a whiff of it from the day of their interview.

If any of my comments have been thought provoking and you are serious about avoiding relegation, or retaining your Premiership Title, do ring for a chat.

Alan Dring

Mobile: 07528201244